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Choose Google Workspace?

Built using Google’s specialised knowledge and experience, this productivity software means business and has a lot to offer owners, employees and organisations.

Google did not have to deal with a legacy desktop solution and adapt it for the cloud. Google Workspace was built specifically for the cloud. This is its home ground. Which is obvious from the intuitive and instinctual user experience.

Our favourite Google Workspace ABC's are AI driven, Affordability, Built for the cloud and Collaboration. But that’s not all it has to offer. Most businesses find that this suite covers all their needs A to Z.
AI Driven Learning
Google has leveraged their decades of experience with AI to drive their productivity suite offering. This means Google Workspace is a responsive, intuitive and efficient business tool that is always evolving. It is regarded by many as the best cloud productivity suite on the market.
Built for the Cloud
Unlike some other cloud solutions, Google Workspace was developed in the cloud, for the cloud, not desktops; so it functions optimally in this environment because it was built for this environment. It isn’t hampered by legacy interoperability.

Additionally, it operates and functions the same on Windows, macOS and Linux.
Flexibility and Speed
This is a pay and play solution. No installation required, no upgrades to download, no servers and no maintenance of servers required.

There’s no need to worry about compatibility issues between versions because you always have the latest version available to you. And, of course, you can access it from anywhere and any device.

Get what you want when you want it! In other words, add and subtract users as your business needs change.

Because Google Workspace allows each user to have up to 30 alias accounts, different emails can be sent to the same staff member, such as and going to
Pro Tip
Pro Tip: Each alias email address can have a professional, branded, interactive, cloud based signature stamped onto it when sending mails from any device including iMacs, iPhones, iPads etc.
Check out the full tutorial here!


The monthly subscription based billing model means you do not need to outlay capital and can amend subscriptions when and as required.

Your business requirements could be met for as little as $6 per user per month; including 30GB of cloud storage per user and 100 participant video meetings.

Perfect Solution For Employees Collaborating Together In A Decentralised Work Place

Just as Google Workspace was built for the cloud, it was also designed with sharing and collaboration across physical locations in mind. Perfect for our now de facto dispersed work environments, companies with branches or staff on the road.

Changes happen instantly, which means team members working together are collaborating in a live environment. While Google Meet, Google Chat and Teams Meeting, facilitate and enhance collaboration.

Easily Adopted

Most people have had their own private Gmail account for some time and are therefore familiar with the Google environment.

Often universities use the extensive collaboration capabilities of this productivity suite, so graduates are comfortable, knowledgeable and experienced in using Google Workspace.

This means that employees, typically, transition easily because it is a familiar environment.

The intuitive design throughout the suite also enhances the ease of adoption for those not familiar with its functionality.
Google Workspace Server Farm

Comprehensive Offering

Google Workspace provides extensive functionality and features from backups to file sharing and storage.

With different product editions, this suite enables horizontal as well as vertical scalability to meet the different needs of each staff member and their roles within your organization - when you need it.

Works Well With Others

Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with close to 1 000 third-party applications.

So if there’s industry specific functionality you’re looking for, or you have a preferred accounting or CRM software that you love working with, chances are it will integrate effortlessly into Google’s platform.

This augments the flexibility of choices available to you in scaling your business.

Central Management and Control

Intuitive design extends to Google Workspace’s Endpoint Management and Admin Console, providing you with the ability to control access to Workspace accounts in your company and manage security settings.

This is particularly useful if devices are misplaced or stolen because you can protect your company by deleting proprietary information without losing the data.

Right Product + Right Partner - Why is the Best Partner for Your Business Google Workspace Reseller

As a Google partner and global resellers of Google Workspace we distinguish ourselves by focusing on the value we can add to our clients.

This means that we have knowledge and experience not only in advising you on the best product for your business, but we also offer discounted user and admin courses to our clients.

Under our brand Taming.Tech, we have taught over 10 000 Google Workspace users and admins with our best-selling and highly rated courses on the internationally recognised platform, Udemy.

To assist our customers with the onboarding process and to ensure that they benefit from the extensive functionality of this productivity suite, our clients benefit from discounted or free courses (depending on the number of users).

Our customers appreciate the lifetime access their staff have to our courses that ensures their staff are fully trained in a practical, online course that they can refer to. Naturally, their staff enjoy the benefit of being trained by their employer at a pace that fits their level of understanding and comfort.

Being global resellers means we can provide this cloud product, and our courses, anywhere in the world with dollar based pricing.

Google Cloud Partner South Africa

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