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Multiple Exclaimer Signatures on Multiple Domains in Google Workspace

In the video and blog below we take you through how to set up Exclaimer Cloud Signatures in Google Workspace for multiple domains - also sometimes called aliases. Aliases allow you to receive emails from multiple email addresses into one inbox.

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COVID-19 has challenged many schools and educators to find IT solutions that are the right fit. Schoolscape IT 2020 is an online summit enabling schools, IT Managers and teachers to explore the best edtech solutions from the top, vetted companies.

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Helpful Tips on Triaging Your Company’s Needs with Staff Working from Home - Covid-19 Coronavirus

Most suggestions below have free options. Forward landlines to cell phones. Make sure employees have access to their emails. Replace meetings with video conferencing or conference calls. Enable staff to share and collaborate on files. VPN + AV are critical if staff are accessing your company's server/s. Manage customer requests with ticketing software. Monitoring staff […]

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From CodeTwo to Exclaimer: Frustrating to Stable

Luan Rousseau was fed up with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 and had started asking around about competitive products so that he could do an email signature comparison when he came across our How to Install Exclaimer in under 25 minutes video, created by Paul Ogier.

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CodeTwo Email Signatures: How to remove from Office 365 with Video and Screenshots (Step by Step)

Table of Contents How to remove your existing signatures from Office 365Step-By-Step to Remove and Uninstall the Office 365 SignaturesStep 1 - Remove the Temporary DomainStep 2 - Remove the Transport Rules from the Exchange Admin CenterStep 3 - Delete the Inbound and Outbound ConnectorsStep 4 - Delete the App RegistrationsStep 5 - Delete the […]

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CodeTwo vs Exclaimer Email Signatures for Office 365

Table of Contents Exclaimer vs CodeTwo signatures for Office 365So how do Exclaimer for Office 365 and CodeTwo work?SPF and DKIM records for Office 365 signaturesCodeTwo Office 365 SPF recordExclaimer Office 365 SPF recordDesigning using the WYSIWYG editor - Exclaimer vs CodeTwoCodeTwo Email Signature Editor AppExclaimer Email Signature Editor online interfaceCreating new signature designsAdding HTML […]

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Email Signatures: Marketing the easy way with Exclaimer

Have you incorporated marketing campaigns into your company's email signature designs? You will truly understand how to market to your clients when you have a call-to-action in every single one of your emails sent from your company. This is not just email newsletters and updates, but each email that you and your staff send out […]

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Bitdefender GravityZone - Windows, macOS and Linux

Looking for a better price on Bitdefender? Discount on renewal? Contact me paul@osh.co.za and we will help you out. Are you looking to test out Bitdefender for your corporate or school network? Do you have a mix of Windows, macOS and Linux desktops, laptops and servers? Well, this is a very simple tutorial that will […]

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Exclaimer gives this company’s communication heart

Dube & Pottas Inc is a fast-growing private practice of social workers that specialises in medical social work. They operate from various hospitals in Johannesburg and Gauteng, South Africa. Their staff are patient-facing and deal with people in times of uncertainty and anxiety; which makes accurate communication vital. With Exclaimer their staff know that no […]

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Setting up Exclaimer Office 365 in under 25 mins

Table of Contents Exclaimer Trial SetupConfigure Office 365 and Exclaimer to work togetherDesign your Exclaimer signatureEnable the SignatureTroubleshooting Exclaimer for Office 365Final thoughts and Exclaimer support Exclaimer Trial Setup Fill in the registration forms. Then click launch to, launch the configuration of Exclaimer. Now you can select either the configuration of the Exclaimer Service or […]

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