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5 September, 2019

Have you incorporated marketing campaigns into your company's email signature designs? You will truly understand how to market to your clients when you have a call-to-action in every single one of your emails sent from your company. This is not just email newsletters and updates, but each email that you and your staff send out is a prime piece of marketing real estate. With email signature marketing campaigns, every email sent is an opportunity to market.

CodeTwo vs Exclaimer Email Signatures for Office 365: Speed, Function, SPF and DKIM, Designing, HTML, CSAT, Rules etc

The Radicati Group study says that between 2014 and 2018 the average office worker received about 90 emails a day and sent around 40 business emails daily. To break these numbers down for your company; if your company has 100 employees, there will be 4000 business emails sent in just one day. During an average year of 250 business days, that makes an incredible 1,000,000 emails annually! That is 1,000,000 marketing opportunities.

Your company signatures can provide a serious marketing opportunity.

Hopefully, you're already using your own email signature to provide basic information like your name and company name, but you can take this to the next level by updating your signature to reflect the marketing campaigns you are already running.

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 and Google G Suite allows you to centrally manage email signatures for your whole organisation, as well as marketing and communication campaigns; that are currently running or scheduled for upcoming events. Your IT Managers or marketing departments can then filter and adjust them by branch, department or brand so that the relevant campaigns are automatically applied to every company email.

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Tips on using email signatures

What are some of the best email signature practices? How can you plan effectively to make them as productive as possible?

We have put together a couple of tips here for you.

1. Plan how to use email signatures properly.

You want to be able to track and predict how many emails are going out from your company each day or month, try and then extrapolate those figures into how many eyeballs will be seeing your marketing. What kind of increase in engagement are you looking to see from implementing signatures? This can be an estimate and you can then use this goal to plan your marketing strategy and to craft your signature design.

2. Plan a design for your signature.

You could draw a signature by hand or use a couple of free signature designers out there for inspiration. Once you have come up with a couple of designs, show it to the relevant departments who can then input changes they might want. Remember to use the exact RGB colours for your logo and links and make sure that the corporate identity is maintained.

Most of our clients start with a simple design for the whole company and then after a couple of weeks of testing, they then update the signatures and make a slightly tweaked design for the different departments based on their needs.

3. Plan marketing campaigns that will align with your signatures.

You already have spent a lot of time planning specials and Black Friday campaigns, so use those plans and integrate your signature banners into them. Use any assets you have created for these campaigns to create promotional banners. Using an Email Signature management system like Exclaimer, you can even schedule the banners to appear on the signatures at any future time or date. You could even plan all your campaigns for the year, upfront, once a year, and then leave the campaigns to roll out.

4. Use link tracking

Create the UTM codes and track them in Google Analytics or using a short link service like Use these metrics to see what has worked and what needs to be improved on. You could even run A/B testing on your signatures to see which ones work best and attract the most engagement.

5 easy to implement email signature marketing campaigns

Here are some simple ways to improve your Email Signatures and align them with your Marketing, advertising, communications and promotional Campaigns.

1. Conferences & Events

Are you or your staff going to be presenting or speaking at a conference? Does your company have a trade show coming up? Use your email signature to reflect that. It may mean that you get more people registering for the conference, and it would spread the word about the event and gain some awareness among your target audience. It could also show your clients that you are an expert in your field.

Email Signature with trade show

2. New Offer / New Product / Special Offer

Are you in the process of launching a new product? You could use your signatures to promote the launch and create a teaser campaign. What about a new offer? Do you have a special offer you want to promote? Perhaps you are now selling your best-selling Widget for a lot less than it was previously, or you have made a new Blue one that is much better!

Make sure that you add a banner with a link to your website attached. You will now be able to track how many people have clicked on that link in your signature. Just remember that with digital marketing, EVERYTHING is trackable.

When you are having a slow sales month, try using an email signature that promotes a free consultation with your team or even a demonstration of your product.

3. Awards

Is your company a leader in your industry? Has a staff member received an accolade or recognition that makes your company look good? News that your company is doing well and that it has been recognised by others in your field will drive traffic to your website and will promote brand awareness for your organisation.

email signature with awards

4. Blog / Website / Social media

Not having your website or blog on your signature is a very easy thing to fix and should be done right now. It provides the email recipient with a clickable (and for you, trackable) way to get more info about your company. A blog is a great way to provide your customers with more info about your products and services and to demonstrate what you can do for them. They might even start following your blog so that they are updated each time you publish.

Just remember that the blog content (hopefully fresh content) is more interesting than the static pages of your website. This, in turn, should retain the attention of the visitor for longer.

If you do link to your website and blog, don't forget to include calls-to-action throughout your posts.

Including hyperlinks and icons to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Reddit accounts, allows people to follow and contact you where they are. Make sure that the Social Media accounts that you use are active and have quality content. You don't want to get someone to follow you on Twitter and nothing ever happens there.

Email Signature with social and CTA

5. Additional ideas

Depending on the needs of your company, organisation or school, you might want to include a couple of other links or banners.

What about bragging with an amazing client testimonial on the bottom of your technical support emails? Using internal emails to advertise a new job position that has just opened up? Webinars can be advertised to your clients so that they can sign up and you can see what kind of demand there is. Or maybe just a simple link so that your clients can sign up for the company's newsletter? The amount of things that you can use your signature for is endless, why not comment below with some of your ideas?

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Email signatures can be used to support your marketing campaigns

Your email signature marketing should not be the be-all and end-all but must form part of your marketing strategy. Alone they won't drive your marketing strategy, but they are a great way to augment it by adding value and improving your overall results.

Together with Social Media, blog content, email blasts etc. your email signatures can make a difference. Most people use email signatures to boost their marketing departments, while sales departments are now using the signatures to have a Call-to-Action (CTA) on every email that touches clients and potential clients. Rather than having to try and sell or upsell using the normal techniques and sales heavy emails, they can now almost make the sale passively by inviting them into clicking. This puts the reader in charge.

Conclusion on using email signatures in Marketing

Experiment with your signatures, use different links, multiple banners, different colours in your banners and layouts. Ask for opinions of those you trust and those who have the best intentions for your company and brand at heart. A well-designed signature will make your company stand out.

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